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The purpose of Movieglimpse is to help connect the movies that touch your heart with the deeper truths that are revealed in them.

Movies tell stories.  People have an inherent love of stories because we ourselves were created in a story, and we live in a story. Everyday we add a page to our own personal storybook.  When we were children, fairytales and adventure stories thrilled us and captured our imagination.  As adults, many of our childhood interests fade, but a love of story remains.

It is this love that draws us to movies.  For a few hours, we can escape reality, and reenter that familiar world of story.

Story telling is the language that speaks to our hearts as well as our heads.  However, most of us watch movies purely with our sense of logic and reasoning.  We look at movies with our eyes, not seeing them with our heart.  Often something truly touches us in a movie, yet we can't explain why.  That feeling often stays with us for days, as if speaking to us in some unknown language.  It is a lost language, the language of the heart.

Once upon a time, the world had its own glorious story to tell.  And the hearts of people were connected to this wonderful story.  But as we entered into this modern age, connections to the story that went before have been lost.  People have been disconnected not only from that first, most beautiful story, but from their own hearts, and as a result, from each other. 

Our desire at Movieglimpse is to help reconnect your heart to the greatest story ever told.  How?  By revealing it to you in the movies that you love.

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Connecting spiritual insights and gospel themes to the movies that touch your heart.
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